Indoor Gym & Play Space

Play and Treatment Spaces

SensationAll Kids Gym provides fun for the entire family with an inclusive indoor play area, designated space for parties or celebrations, and  motivating, kid-centered classes.  Private therapy services are available on site by appointment with the providers. Send us a message online for more information.

Just dropping in? Check out our three main rooms:

  • Move
    Fun and physical exercise are the focus in our 3,000 square-foot play area. A rock wall, crash pit, spinning equipment, swings, enclosed trampoline, and a giant building block station are all part of the excitement and incentive to get moving!
  • Sense
    Here, children of all ages have a tranquil space to experience calm and to simply get re-centered. Peaceful and dimly lit, the room includes an illuminated translucent vibratory ball pit to promote relaxation and quiet concentration.
  • Imagine
    In the art and creativity center, kids access and indulge their naturally imaginative side. With a wide variety of changing media — from painting to crayons to clay to glue and paper — parents, too, are welcome and encouraged to discover their inner inventors.

And just a few rules…

  • All children must be supervised by an adult.
  • A signed waiver is required for all children.
  • New guests must attend a brief orientation before using equipment.
  • Shoes and socks are not permitted in the gym. Bare feet only to prevent falls.
  • Food and beverages are only permitted in the kitchen area. We do not allow gum or lollipops at SKG.

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