Gymnastics Classes For Parents and Kids

Kid’s Gymnastics Classes – Arista Lemos (Thursday Classes 10:30, 3:00, & 3:45pm)


walking to 2 years 10:30-11:00

4 year olds to 6 year olds 3:00-3:40

2 years old to 3 year olds 3:40-4:25

Toddlers: Walking – 2yrs (40mins)
This Parent/Tot class is lightly structured allowing the children to explore and play on the obstacle course. Our instructors will assist the parents with spotting and encouraging each child to try new skills. We will also introduce various ball skills, ribbons, scarves, rhythm sticks, bubbles, scooter boards and parachute games.
2yrs (40mins)
This Parent/Tot class is structured. Children will be led through a warm up, two obstacle courses, ball sports, scooter boards and parachute. We want the children to try new skills and learn how to do them safely.
3-5yrs (40mins)
This is a Parent/Tot class where the children are learning independence by doing skills on their own. They will also learn to follow the teacher’s instruction while having the parent there to assist when needed. Children will be guided through a warm up, two obstacle courses, ball sports, scooter boards and parachute games.
Tumbling 4-6yrs (45mins)
This exciting fast-paced class focuses on tumbling skills, strength and flexibility. The children will be learning fun and safe ways to roll and jump. We will also be teaching cartwheels, handstands and headstands, along with a variety of fun games.

“Arista is an accomplished gymnast, and she is gifted in her approach and her ability to work with children. She encourages the children’s social development while they are developing gross motor skills, coordination, balance and strength. She also prepares them for success in school by building their listening skills, teaching them to follow instructions, sequencing and spatial orientation. Confidence and self-esteem flourish under Arista’s positive direction.”
– Preschool Teacher

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