Indoor Gym & Play Space

Play and Treatment Spaces

SensationAll Kids Gym in Concord provides a fun and safe space for kids and their families to have fun and learn. With an inclusive and spacious indoor playground with three imaginative play rooms for kids, designated play space for birthday parties and celebrations, and a learning center for motivating, kid-centered classes and workshops, you will find everything your kid needs at this indoor gym. We offer creative art and kids activities, sensory games and dramatic play areas, and a safe space for private pediatric therapy services. 

Founded by Occupational Therapists, SensationAll Kids Gym was built to foster and develop the physical and mental abilities of kids of all ages and abilities. Each play room in our indoor playground  is built with activities to focus on different attributes of a child’s development. The kids activities in the indoor gym focus on physical strength balance, hand-eye coordination, endurance, and fine motor skills. The sensory play space promotes stress reduction and encourages kids to relax and release. The third indoor play space fosters creativity and imagine encouraging kids to build and create. 

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Just dropping in? Check out our three main rooms:

  • Move
    Physical exercise is the focus in this 3,000 square-foot play area. This indoor playground allows kids to get active with toys, games, and energizing fitness equipment. It features a rock wall, crash pit, spinning equipment, swings, enclosed trampoline, and a giant building block station; all part of the incentive to get moving!
  • Sense
    Here, children of all ages have a tranquil space for a calm and soothing play experience. Peaceful and dimly lit, this play room is perfect for kids to release energy or simply get re-centered. The room includes an illuminated translucent vibratory ball pit to encourage relaxation and quiet concentration.
  • Imagine
    In the art and creativity center, kids can access and indulge their naturally imaginative and curious nature. With a wide variety of changing media, this room offers a brand new experience every time you visit. Fostering creativity, the Imagine room features painting, crayons, clay, glue, paper, and much more.


Our kitchen area is equipped with all the amenities you need for during your visit at our indoor gym. Bring your own food and beverages and keep feel free to utilize the refrigerator and microwave to prepare your snacks.

Pediatric Therapy Space

Sensationall Kids Gym is committed to helping kids of all abilities learn and develop. We partner with licensed pediatric therapists in the community who focus on behavioral therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy for children. Our facility features private and personal meeting spaces surrounded by a fun and safe environment to help kids feel more comfortable and at ease. 

Celebrate Any Occasion With Us!

Sensationall Kids Gym is available for party reservations where you can reserve the indoor gym exclusively for birthday parties and celebrations, field trips, baby showers, and other private events and classes. We make sure to keep your guests active and entertained in the indoor playground. Leave behind the headache and hassle of setup and cleanup and let us help you host your next event! Contact us today to schedule your event and save your date before it’s booked. 

And just a few rules…

  • All children must be supervised by an adult.
  • A signed waiver is required for all children.
  • Shoes not permitted in the gym.
  • Food and beverages are only permitted in the kitchen area. We do not allow gum or lollipops at SKG.
  • Children displaying symptoms of sickness or playing in an unsafe manner may be asked to leave.

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