Communication Power Hour 1/28 11am

The Speech Pathology Group will be holding a Communication Power Hour at SensationAll Kids Gym on Monday January 28th at 11am.  Sign up in advance through our calendar or call (925)798-1888.  The cost is $25 for a one hour information session with a Certified Speech Pathologist that will give guidance and answer questions relating to your 18-36 month olds communication needs.

Snapshot of Communication Power Hour: • Learn about typical language development • Ask questions about your toddler’s challenges • Acquire language stimulation techniques to use in your daily routines • Discover ways to use toys from home to teach play skills and develop early concepts • Help your toddler’s social skills improve in a structured group setting • Gain support and resources Is Communication Power Hour a Good Fit for Me? • Is your toddler between the age of 18-36 months and are you concerned about their speech and/or language? • Are you looking for some guidance to bolster your toddler’s speech and language? • Are you wondering if your toddler would benefit from a speech-language evaluation and/or speech-language therapy? • If you answered YES to any of these questions, Communication Power Hour is a great place to start!

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