Did you know? Yoga can be just as beneficial and restorative for children as it for adults. Yoga enhances physical flexibility, refines balance and coordination, develops focus and concentration, boosts self-esteem and confidence, and strengthens the mind-body connection.

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Zulu’s Hulu’s Yogi Playground with Arezu. Monday’s from 10-10:45am starting Sept. 26th
Arezu is a practicing Speech-Language Pathologist and Rainbow Kid’s Yoga Instructor. She is a new mom and lives in Pleasant Hill with her 15 month old son Blaze. Arezu infuses communication and connection in her classes and thrives on the fun to be had with children of all abilities. Her children’s yoga classes are created with fun, warmth and magic in mind. Come and unleash your silliest, most authentic self and reap the rewards of genuine engagement, laughter, and affection as you bond with your child and the yogi families around you.


Ideally for walking to 3 years old

With the help of you and your little yogi, we will be co-creating a yoga playgroup where FUN is the number one goal! It’s not about how we look, only how we feel! Given the age group this class is more of a playgroup saturated with visuals, songs, sound effects, props, poses and of course we always leave some space for quiet time. We will be our most animated, and at times, totally silly selves as we visit the yoga zoo, pet store, farm,garden and playground! Come prepared to be your wackiest, wildest self and enjoy the magic of yoga with your child! Wigs, tutus, and capes highly encouraged!!! Parent participation is a MUST! We wouldn’t dream of having all that FUN without you!

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